Prioritize. Organize.

LOOP organizes and prioritizes across platforms so you don’t have to.

Integrate LOOP in a few minutes to end digital distraction—forever.

Consolidate your digital focus to simplify your workflow and increase your productivity, creativity, and your time—offline. With just one place to interact with all of your messaging and media, you will always know what’s new, next, and most needed. Our proprietary AI integration analyzes your projects, files, contacts, and the frequency of your interactions to highlight your highest value priorities and provide you with the associated context and content you need most to be proactive.

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Integrations We Support
Microsoft 365
More integrations are on the way!
Contextualize. Optimize.

Apps have changed the way we work. LOOP makes them work together.

You are always only one-click away from the native apps in your dashboard, but you no longer have to monitor or respond in each one—they all come to you in one organized feed from which you can command the day.
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  • Interact with an aggregated list of all of your messages, tasks, meetings, files, and contacts from their many sources—in one place.

  • Start the day with an organized summary of the past 24-hours.

  • Group information by project, team, or keyword.

  • Toggle between two modes of viewing: "quiet" the feed when you want to see only content related to your most critical tasks, and expand the filter to "noisy" when you want to see it all.

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Integrate. Enhance.

We love Slack, Asana,
Google, + Microsoft too…
That's why we married them.

Maximize the unique benefits of each platform by LOOPing them together.

Our continuously expanding portfolio of software integrations includes the best in the business. Enhance the productivity, collaboration and communication benefits of your digital software without the distraction and possible oversight of managing their many sources.

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On Point. On-Task.

Stay in the LOOP. Keep your focus— let us limit the distraction.

LOOP organizes the various apps that ping and buzz with messages, tasks, and invites so you can focus on your work.

Keeping yourself organized and on-task should not be the cognitive overload it has become. Stop wasting your time with the constant clicking and context switching that is fraying your focus.

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Secure. Trusted.

Your Data is Safe.

Your information is encrypted, isolated and never shared with anyone.

Loop accesses your data securely via permissions you grant and can revoke at any time.

We undergo an annual 3rd party audit of our security protocols

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Affordable. Invaluable.

Your world in Focus
A Price You Can Afford.

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Productivity in one place.

No matter what you do or who you are, if you have a digital workspace, LOOP can simplify your workflow, optimize your productivity—and improve your day.

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