Your Productivity Concierge

The single source for your information that matters most.
Aggregated and organized from all of your productivity tools.

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Loop organizes and prioritizes all your meetings, messages, emails, tasks and files in one platform. Leave the information overload behind, for good.

Every plan provides access to Loop’s core features.

Unified Calendar

One calendar for all your meetings no matter where they are scheduled

Prioritized and Unified Inbox

The most important emails, chats, slacks etc. in one unified inbox

Unified Search

Search across all your integrations with advanced filtering controls.

Loop Superfolders

All the information by project, client, subject etc. from across all your platforms with the touch of a button.

Unified Intelligent Task List

Loop discovers tasks in your communications and present a single unified tasks list so you miss nothing.

Context At Your Fingertips

See all the relationships between your meetings, messages, tasks, and files.

Current Integrations

One Platform. All Your work.
Loop integrates the tools you already use
so you never lose track of anything again.

No matter how you work: LOOP IS FOR YOU!


Organize your clients and their tooling, and make next month your biggest billing month to date.


Tame the slacks, emails, and file attachments whirling around your company on your way to the top.


Stay on top of your classes, projects, & social life. Check out our Students Page!

Secure & Protected

Loop retrieves user data via secure APIs from each integrated platform. All data is transferred via authenticated SSL and stored encrypted with a unique user specific encryption key in the Loop database. Loop silos all data on a per user basis and never shares user data with any other service.

Productivity Focused TM

Leave the information overload behind, for good.